Good Shoes For Orthotics:

Especially for women, it is not easy to find good shoes that fit custom orthotics.

I want to share 2 pairs of shoes that I found that my custom-orthotics fit into.

It can sometimes be a challenge to find nice looking shoes that also fit your custom-foot orthotics.

This past summer, after much searching, I found 2 cute pairs of shoes that fit my orthotics and are very very comfortable!! I purchased the black pair from Geox and the white spiffier ones from Michael Kors, both in Yorkdale mall.  Sometimes, when you find a really good shoe, it can be worthwhile to purchase more than one pair.

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Geox shoe that fits a custom-foot orthotic


Geox shoe that fits a custom foot orthotic


Geox shoe-good depth for custom-orthotics fit



Shoe with enough depth for custom-foot orthotic


Michael Kors-good shoe to fit custom-foot orthotic

Happy Shopping!!!

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