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At Toronto Orthotics we offer a variety of services, including the examination, diagnosis and treatment of foot, leg and spine pain.

We dispense Custom Foot Orthotics in North York, that are comfortable to wear  and that can be transferred between different shoes. We provide a natural therapeutic approach to treating your aches and pains, using the most up to date technologies. In addition, Dr. Horowitz measures and fits people for medical-grade compression socks and stockings.

You can trust the experience of Toronto Orthotics Foot, Leg and back Pain Clinic to help alleviate foot pain, improve your posture, gait and overall balance.

Learn more about TOG GaitScan™ technology.


Conditions Helped with Orthotics:

  • Flat Feet
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel or Arch Pain or Discomfort when Walking or Standing
  • High Foot Arches
  • Muscle Weakness in the Feet or Legs
  • Foot Drop due to Herniated Disc and Sciatic Nerve Injury
  • Ball of Foot Pain
  • Bunions
  • Hallux Valgus
  • Rigid Big Toe that is Painful
  • Hammer toes
  • Caving in of the back of the Heels
  • Achilles Tendon pain (back of heel)
  • Pain on the Top of the Foot
  • Muscle Pain and Cramps in the front, side or calf areas
  • Uneven Leg Lengths
  • Poor Posture

Why Purchase Orthotics?

Our feet take quite a beating each day. We depend on our feet to take us everywhere and they are the foundation of most of our skeletal integrity. Most of us take our feet for granted every day.

Unfortunately, many people walk (and hobble) around in pain or discomfort unnecessarily. They don’t realize that there is so much that can be done to help them. The impact of having uncomfortable footwear and improper arch support is great.

The ability to walk in a pain-free manner, is invaluable. Family-Enjoying-Nature-Hike-Toronto-Orthotics

Some people are born either with certain foot structures that make walking on hard surfaces such as cement and other hard, man-made surfaces, much more uncomfortable. Conditions such as Hallux Valgus, Bunions, Over-Pronation due to Flattened arches or Over-Supination, related to High arches, are examples where biomechanical strain to the feet and joints can lead to pain.

Foot and associated body pain is often acquired as well. This is common in those whose jobs involve standing for prolonged periods of time, Injuries, Osteoarthritis and loss of fat pad under the heel as we age.


Without a doubt, a high quality supportive shoe is indeed the most essential element for your feet. In some countries, people walk on sand or earth. These are much softer surfaces and more “forgiving” surfaces to the feet and body, than are concrete and other man-made flooring.

Store-bought shoes come with insoles that are not custom-made for your feet and if you look at the quality of shoes that many women wear, most fall short of adequate support for healthy biomechanics. As a result, people often need to look for additional support.

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