Spinal stenosis Treatment: Boot Camp Program for Spinal Stenosis©

Spinal Stenosis treatment is now evidence-based!! Dr. Horowitz is now offering Boot Camp Program for Spinal Stenosis© a focussed type of treatment to help people walk for longer periods of time and increase their level of activity.

It is a 6-week, evidence-based, non-surgical approach developed by researcher Dr. Carlos Ammendolia, at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Goals of the Program:

1. To improve standing and walking ability in people with LSS (Lumbar
Spinal Stenosis).

2. To improve the quality of life and help people to maintain independence among the growing number of people with LSS.

3. Self-management: To teach strategies that allow people to increase the openings of the spine with their daily activities, thereby helping to manage this chronic condition.

What are the Distinct Aspects of the Spinal Stenosis Treatment Program?

  • Manual Therapy using a special table that aligns the spine to maximize the openings for the Spinal Nerves.
  • Exercises: Instruction on specific, focussed and safe exercises which help to increase the size of the spinal canals, thereby reducing pressure on nerves. The program exercises are aimed at building flexibility, core strength and strengthening weakened back and leg muscles.
  • Stationary Bike Instruction to build leg strength, endurance and cardiovascular endurance. It is known that people with Spinal Stenosis have no leg symptoms when they cycle while leaning forwards over handlebars.
  • Instruction on Body Re-Positioning Techniques that reduce the pressure on compressed nerves when standing and walking. It is known that changing body alignment can reduce symptoms.
  • Self-management strategies and Cognitive Awareness.

Spinal Stenosis Treatments:

It is recommended that before surgery is contemplated, a course of non-surgical treatment is tried first.

Spinal Stenosis surgery is only an option in only a small number of people with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis because of the potential risks involved with surgery in an older population. Among those who have surgery, the benefits are initially positive, but the benefits diminish over time.

Dr. Horowitz is now offering Boot Camp Program for Spinal Stenosis© to her patients. She has studied under the guidance of Dr. Carlo Ammendolia of Mount Sinai Hospital, the researcher and founder of the program.

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