What Causes Flat Feet?


Flat feet are caused by both genetic and developmental components. You might have noticed that your foot arches have fallen when you look at your footprints. Flat feet often get more flat with age, pregnancy, excessive weight gain, poor footwear and/or prolonged standing. 

What Causes Flat Feet
When you have flat feet, changes occur in the forces moving up from the feet, leg muscles, knees and hip joints as well as in the spine. These altered forces can alter the position and movement of the foot and leg bones, which can lead to a variety of symptoms in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back.


Your Unique Footprint:

At home or in the sand, you can evaluate what your footprint looks like when your foot is wet. Do you see the entire foot (including the inside) or only parts of it?

Back of the right foot has a bowed
Achilles Tendon. See correction in the right picture.

Custom-made foot orthotics correct the biomechanical dysfunction that occurs while standing and walking, making a person much more comfortable weight-bearing and being active each day.

At Toronto Orthotics, we offer a computerized detailed scan of your feet in helping us to diagnose your foot condition, advice about Custom Foot Orthotics for Flat Feet as well as stretching exercises and manual manipulation of the tarsal (foot) joints for pain relief.

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