How Do You Treat Heel Pain?


At Toronto Orthotics Foot, Leg and Back Pain Clinic, the treatments we offer for heel pain are listed below.  All treatments are natural, drug-free. See our fee schedule.

  1. Custom Foot Orthotics
  2. Manual Manipulation of the Foot and Related Joints
  3. Ultrasound
  4. Massage
  5. Interferential Current
  6. Compression Hosiery with Fittings for Medical Grade Socks and Stockings
  7. Chiropractic Care 
  8. Home stretching, icing, anti-inflammatory applications
  9. Referral to a Rheumatologist, other specialist or to a person’s medical doctor if a systemic disease is associated or suspected and possible medication prescription.

Why Orthotics For Heel Pain?cushion-orthotic

Research has found that custom orthotics reduce peak pressure at the heels and several studies have shown that custom-made orthotics are more beneficial than over-the-counter inserts. When combined with proper footwear and targeted ongoing stretching, healing is accelerated.

Dr. Horowitz uses TOG GaitScan™ to obtain detailed information about a person’s unique foot biomechanics. This technology helps determine bones and tissues that require treatment as well as helps to determine if a person requires custom-foot Orthotics.

Toronto Orthotics Foot, Leg and Back Pain Clinic

Relief for Morning Heel Pain or Heel Pain While Standing and Walking


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