Foot Arch Pain

foot-arch-pain-types-of-archesPain in the arch of the feet is a common symptom. This comes as no surprise, given the fact that we are required to stand and walk for many hours a day on hard, man-made surfaces such as cement.

If we are blessed with the ability, we often stand many hours a day, walk for miles, jump, run, and even skip.

The arches in our feet act as “tensile shock-absorbers” that give power to our feet and when we stand, walk and run. Arch pain is usually due to repetitive strain on the muscles, ligaments, bones and tendons of the feet.

Foot Arch Pain in Different Types of Feet: 

Due to inherited foot conditions and foot-arch-paincombined with the stress of hard, man-made surfaces we are forced to walk on, faulty biomechanics can develop and lead to pain in the arch of the foot.

There are various foot structures that a person is born with which can
pre-dispose them to having excessive biomechanical stress and foot pain as they age.

The Correct Diagnosis is Key:

Obtaining the best diagnosis from the start is of the utmost importance when prescribing custom-made foot orthotics. Combining a thorough examination with the details that the computerized Gait Scan provides, gives Toronto Orthotics information that years ago, was not available and that is crucial in prescribing the correct orthotics.

Most commonly, low foot arches where there is overpronation is seen, which reduces the mechanical efficiency of each step that we take and can lead to foot arch pain.

Other people are found to have high arches, which places excessive stress on the mid-foot area. Often people with these types of arches have pain in the heel area. They require extra heel cushioning due to inadequate shock absorption.

A person may be found to have a varus forefoot structure that makes it more difficult for the first toe to hit the ground in the proper sequence, which diminishes the person’s ability to have full force when they push off when they walk. The result: foot arch pain.

Still other times, a patient may be found to have different foot structures between the right and left foot.

At Toronto Orthotics, we conduct a thorough examination in order to diagnose the true cause of foot pain. We offer on-site treatment services as well as custom-foot orthotics.

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