Ball of Foot Pain: Treatment


There are a variety of ball of foot pain treatment options that Dr. Horowitz offers at Toronto Orthotics. ball-of-foot-pain-treatment

Manual Manipulation of the Foot Joints:

Any “dropped” or metatarsal bones or restricted joints must be carefully evaluated and adjusted as needed, to ensure that they are moving through as close to a normal range of motion as possible.

Shoe Recommendations:

Your shoes will be evaluated and Dr. Horowitz will suggest the types of shoes best suited for your feet. Avoiding shoes with a tight toe and forefoot region and reducing high heels to 1 ½ inches is recommended.

Targeted Stretches and Exercises:

People with tight Achilles tendons and reduced foot dorsiflexion should be taught to perform calf stretches.

Prescription for Custom Foot Orthotics:

In order to improve foot biomechanics and to provide more lasting support for the transverse arch, people may need to be prescribed stabilizing Custom Foot Orthotics.

Flexible (semi-rigid) custom foot orthotics may be beneficial, especially for people who must be on their feet for many hours a day and for athletes. Dr. Horowitz may determine that additional forefoot padding and shock absorption should be built into a custom orthotic as needed.

Over-the-Counter Relief:

A temporary metatarsal pad can be placed under the metatarsal heads to support the anterior transverse arch. This will relieve the weight-bearing pressure on the sensitive metatarsophalangeal joints.

Reducing acute pain and inflammation are the first goals of treatment for Metatarsal pain.

Often pain in the foot can be healed with a day or two of rest, some ice and over-the-counter pain medication.

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