Services Offered-Foot Pain Treatment:

Foot pain treatment is available on-site at Toronto Orthotics. We offer conservative care that is drug-free and surgery-free. foot-pain-treatment

  • custom-foot orthotic therapy that can be transferred between different pairs of shoes and boots
  • hands-on therapy for various pain conditions
  • rehabilitative exercises after foot surgery, to help ensure a person is using their feet and toes properly
  • self-care home education

Since every person has a unique pair of feet (and a person’s right and left feet often function differently), any plan of treatment must first follow a proper diagnosis.

At Toronto Orthotics Foot Pain Clinic, treatments are chosen to correct areas of biomechanical dysfunction that are specific to each person.

When secondary conditions such as disc herniation with neurological deficits are present, these must be addressed as well.

Dr. Horowitz listens to each patient carefully and takes a thorough medical history and examination, to ensure the correct diagnosis is arrived at.


Toronto Orthotics Foot Clinic in Midtown Toronto

Relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, Leg and Lower Back Pain

Foot Pain Treatment in VancouverVancouver Orthotics for Foot Pain
Foot pain is a top complaint we see at Vancouver Orthotics. This comes as no surprise given the nature of our required mobility; we stand all day, walk for miles, jump, run, and even skip. Often times, because of faulty biomechanics, we pay for all of that movement in the form of aches and pains.

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