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A bunion is the enlargement of the bone and joint of the big toe.  

Bunions can be small or very large, they are quite common and have a definite inherited connection.  They are made worse by wearing improper footwear, such as those that are too narrow in the toe area and the wrong size. 

When footwear continually rubs the bunion or forces the toes to be squished together, the joint can develop early osteoarthritis and your skin may become red, sensitive and painful. Walking and standing can become quite painful. 

The joint involved flexes with every step you take. 

They may exist with or without Hallux Valgus, which is when your bit toes deviate outwards. 

Bursitis (inflammation) may also set in. The skin on the bottom of your foot may also become thicker and painful. 

When the causes of bunions are not corrected, conditions such as Hallux Rigidus or Hallux Limitus can set in as arthritis progresses. These conditions further limit joint motion at the first toe. 

Are there any natural treatments that can help painful bunions?

The great news is that there are very effective, natural treatments for bunions available that can greatly reduce the pain and progression of bunions. Start home care by:

  • choosing proper footwear that is wider in the forefoot area will reduce the pain involved in bunion pain.
  • choosing the correct size (length) of shoes, where your toes have adequate space to move

When necessary, Dr. Horowitz will make a referral to a reputable surgeon. 

At Toronto Orthotics Foot and Leg Pain Clinic, we offer treatment that does not involve surgery.


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