What are Orthotics?dress-shoe-orthotics-toronto-orthotics-foot-leg-pain-clinic

Orthotics prescribed at Toronto Orthotics are custom-made devices that you place into your footwear. They increase comfort and reduce pain by re-aligning the feet, legs and spine. They help to ensure that the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis and spine are also aligned more correctly and therefore have far-reaching effects throughout the entire body.

This allows people to stand, walk and run more efficiently with greater comfort. As a result, people suffer from less fatigue in their lower limbs.

Orthotics versus Store-Bought Shoe Inserts:

The investment for Custom Orthotics is $400 and they usually last for 1-2 years before needing to be replaced.

Unlike one-size-fits-all over-the-counter devices, Custom Foot Orthotics are specifically crafted to fit a person’s unique foot structure. At Toronto Orthotics, this is accomplished by taking a 3-Dimensional scan of your feet, combined with information gained by using state-of-the-art software developed by The Orthotic Group, TOG GaitScan, which takes specific measurements and pictures of how the feet are functioning in great detail, while a person is walking.

computerized-gait-scan-technology-toronto-orthotics-foot-leg-pain-clinicTOG GaitScan™ allows Dr. Horowitz to determine unique modifications which must be added to a person’s custom foot Orthotics (which may be different for each foot) during their production.

In addition, a 3-dimensional cast or mold is taken from the person’s feet (in a partial weight-bearing position) in order to capture the natural arch of each foot, which is also used in creating a person’s unique orthotic.

In creating a unique custom Orthotic, a more complete and specific correction is made for an individual person than they could receive from store-bought insoles, which are more flimsy and usually do not last as long.

Urban life has brought walking and work surfaces that are much harder (cement or hardwood) and less forgiving than softer earth or sandy surfaces.

While there are some people who may be able to use store-bought orthotics for greater comfort, many people find that they are not offered the full degree of relief that is available in a custom foot Orthotic. Dr. Horowitz conducts a thorough foot and Gait examination. In doing so, she is able to honestly advise whether or not Custom  Foot Orthotics are necessary for a given foot condition.

At Toronto Orthotics Foot, Back and Leg Pain Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality Custom Foot Orthotics for our patients.

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