When is Ankle Pain Treatment needed?

Ankle pain Treatment

Ankle pain treatment can be required when the pain is interfering with your ability to walk, exercise and enjoy your normal activities.

Ankle pain is one area where foot pain can be experienced and it may be felt in the front, sides or in the back of the ankle. While one of the most common causes is a sprained ankle (also known as inversion sprain), ankle ligament instability, treatment may also be required when there is chronic postural strain and dysfunction due to over-pronated or flat foot arches as well as high arches and over-supination.  Other causes include an Achilles tear, Achilles Tendonitis and Tendinosis, direct trauma, restriction in the movement of the Talar bone, Anterior Shin Splints and Posterior Shin Splints (Strain of the Tibialis Posterior). Osteoarthritis uncommonly affects the ankle bones and is not usually a cause for treatment. In more serious and rare cases, ankle pain can be a sign of an infection.

What Home Treatments Can I do for Ankle Pain?

  • REST      Do not push yourself to continue with activities if you have severe pain, swelling or bruising.
  • ICE          Place a damp thin cloth between your skin and an ice pack and cool for 10 minutes or so.
  • COMPRESSION     Use an over-the-counter support brace or if instability may be present, a medical-grade ankle brace that Dr. Horowitz can fit you for.
  • ELEVATION     Above the heart level.

What Kinds of Treatments Do You Offer for Ankle Pain?

In-office treatments for ankle pain may include foot/ankle joint manipulations, massage, ultrasound therapy, custom orthotics and being measured for a medical-grade compression brace. Education regarding injury prevention, stretching, and strengthening exercises are usually part of a comprehensive treatment program as is learning how to choose the right shoes for your activities and learning how to choose properly fitting footwear.

Proper Diagnosis & Treatment of Ankle Pain is Important

At Toronto Orthotics, we first conduct a thorough history and examination in order to come to a diagnosis of Ankle Pain. The most appropriate ankle pain treatment options are then discussed. Our goal is to help you return to your normal daily activity and relieve your pain.


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