Orthotics For Low Back Pain:

Orthotics and lower back pain sometimes go hand in hand and custom orthotics should sometimes be seriously considered when a health care practitioner forms a treatment plan for chronic lower back pain.

The spine is made up of 24 moving bones called vertebrae. The top 7 vertebrae belong to the cervical spine (the neck), the next 12 to the thoracic spine (mid-back) and the bottom 5 segments make up the lumbar spine (low back). The bones of the sacrum are fused.

Eighty percent (80%) of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.

The causes of lower back pain are vast, ranging from genetic or congenital factors, poor posture and inattention to spinal care, lack of exercise and stretching, traumatic injuries, falls, accumulated repetitive strain and sprains, excessive sitting or driving and faulty biomechanics during activities of daily living. Many people have an inherited foot condition such as flat feet, bunions and Hallux Valgus and others can be born with or acquire a leg length difference.

Faulty biomechanics in one’s feet are often overlooked as a factor contributing to low back and leg pain.

For example, if a person is born with a tendency to roll the feet inwards when they stand and walk, (aka overpronating), then the alignment in the ankle, knees, hips, and spine are affected. The knees may rotate inwards, which can overstretch and overwork knee ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints. Muscles and ligaments are then placed at disadvantageous angles as they try to move the body. As the weight distribution is altered, muscles can become strained more easily and joints can be sprained more easily.  All of these biomechanical changes destabilize the spine, which can reduce the amount of motion between the vertebrae. The result, back pain.

Sometimes, all it takes to trigger an episode of lower back pain is a lack of sleep, a bad cold with lots of sneezing, coughing or an emotional upset.

If you have been seeking chiropractic care, physiotherapy, osteopathic care or massage therapy for your lower back pain but have not achieved relief, custom orthotic inserts from Toronto Orthotics may give you the relief you’ve been looking for.

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