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Dr. Horowitz believes that custom orthotics should be affordable, so at Toronto Orthotics, we have set a fair fee schedule. At Toronto Orthotics Foot, Leg and Back Pain Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality custom foot orthotics to our patients and Dr. Horowitz follows up with patients to make sure they are happy with their orthotics and are wearing them.

Are Store-bought Orthotics the same as Custom Orthotics?

Though store-bought shoe products may offer some people relief, they cannot be compared to a custom device that is made for your unique foot condition. Most people who need a custom orthotic find that they need something more supportive. Dr. Horowitz conducts a thorough biomechanical, neurological and gait examination of your feet and lower legs. In doing so, she is able to honestly advise whether or not a custom orthotic is necessary for your specific foot condition.

People often purchase many over the counter products before turning to a custom orthotic, which increases costs.

Custom orthotics are specifically crafted to fit a person’s unique foot structure, whereas store-bought inserts come in only a few standard sizes with a fixed arch shape.

At Toronto Orthotics, our custom orthotics are made for your unique feet. This is accomplished by using state-of-the-art GaitScan™ software by TOG, an innovative diagnostic tool and an industry leader in dynamic scanning capabilities.


TOG GaitScan software has 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, capturing detailed information about each unique patient’s foot biomechanics.

These details are important in constructing a custom-foot orthotic and are not apparent by simply observing a patient who is walking.

How are Computerized Gait Scans Unique?

The TOG GaitScan™  allows Dr. Horowitz to determine unique modifications that must be added to custom-foot orthotics (which may be different for each foot) during their production.

In addition, a cast or mold is taken from the person’s feet (in a partial weight-bearing position) in order to capture the natural arch of each foot, which is also used in creating a person’s unique orthotic.

In creating a unique custom-foot Orthotic, a more complete and specific correction is made for an individual person than they could receive from store-bought orthotics.

Urban life has brought walking and work surfaces that are much harder (cement or hardwood) and less forgiving than softer earth or sandy surfaces.

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