The Best Orthotics for you should  consider:

The best orthotics are ones made that find a balance between biomechanical correction and comfort. What good are orthotics if a patient does not wear them? At Toronto Orthotics, Dr. Horowitz does everything possible to ensure a good fit and the greatest comfort for every patient. Plus, we offer an affordable fee schedule.


  • your unique foot structure and biomechanics (how you walk)
  • your lifestyle and work requirements
  • types of shoes that you like to wear

They should feel very comfortable and should be a pleasure to wear.

A pair of custom-foot orthotics are not at all useful if you don’t actually wear them!

A Proper Diagnosis is Key:

Perhaps the patient’s condition was assessed, rather than diagnosed. Perhaps a patient did not follow through with other treatment recommendations. Yet for whatever the reasons, the type of orthotics made were either not appropriate for the patient’s condition or were not comfortable to wear.

Though custom-foot Orthotics may take a brief period of time to get used to, within a few days, you should not even notice that they are in your shoes (except for noticing how comfortable they are)!

They should be worn as much as possible when a person is on the feet (including if possible, in slippers). Ideally, they should be transferred into each pair of shoes, boots and running/walking shoes if only one pair can be purchased for financial reasons.

There are several types of health practitioners in Toronto who prescribe and dispense custom foot Orthotics. The following steps are important to follow for best results:

Step 1: A Correct Diagnosis

The most important first step is to have a primary health care professional conduct a comprehensive history and complete foot examination, in order to have your condition properly diagnosed. An examination by a doctor who is qualified to diagnose foot conditions is different than a simple “assessment”. Only when armed with a clear Diagnosis, can a person choose the most effective and cost-effective options available.

Step 2: Follow Through with Treatment Recommendations

When needed, there is no doubt that Custom Foot Orthotics can make a profound difference for people in reducing pain and correcting biomechanical dysfunction. At Toronto Orthotics, Dr. Horowitz does not simply offer custom foot Orthotics.

There are times when a more comprehensive treatment plan is necessary to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, heal tissues that have been strained and teach rehabilitative exercises. People should be educated about how to prevent future injuries.

Step 3: Invest in Custom Orthotics if they are Recommended.

Generally speaking, non-custom arch supports purchased over the counter can add comfort and cushioning which most shoes tend to need, for greater comfort.

However, it is important not to confuse comfort and additional cushioning, with biomechanical correction and to understand clearly what is really being purchased.

Over-the-counter foot insoles tend to wear out after approximately 6 months. In trying to avoid the cost of custom foot Orthotics, those who have Extended Health Coverage may not realize that, after the cost of purchasing additional store-bought products, they may end up spending almost as much as if they had ordered custom Orthotics to begin with.

On average, custom foot Orthotics last for 1 to 2 years, with sports and work boot orthotics usually wearing down more quickly.

Dr. Horowitz does not take a “one-size fits all” approach at Toronto Orthotics. She offers quality, personalized care to patients to help them find the best custom foot Orthotics possible.

Find the Best Orthotics for you! 

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