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Need Help Taking Measurements?

Click our video for information about How to Measure.

Looking for Flight and Travel Socks?

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Looking for Medical-Grade Compression or Support Socks?

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Choosing the Correct Sizes and Styles:

When it comes to medical-grade compression socks and stockings, it is crucial that prior to ordering, you have your feet and legs properly measured.

The benefit of having accurate measurements, taken first thing in the morning, and having the guidance of a certified fitter who deals with many company products ensures that you will order the correct sizes. Your garments will fit properly, you will enjoy wearing them and you will save time and money.

20-30 mmHg

Are compression socks covered by my Extended Health Insurance?

Yes. However, we suggest that you call your insurance company to find out how much per year is covered. Also, for socks and stocking greater than

20 mm Hg, a medical prescription by a medical doctor is required for reimbursement.