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In addition to custom foot orthotics, at Toronto Orthotics we provide a number of on-site foot clinic services. Pain relief is available! All of the treatments at our foot clinic are drug-free. See our fee schedule.


  1. Thorough History and Foot/Gait, Neurological and Orthopedic Examination
  2. Examination of all Foot, Knee, Hip Joints, Pelvis and Spine to Determine Restrictions of Motion
  3. Leg Length Difference Determination
  4. Clear Diagnosis
  5. Custom Foot Orthotics
  6. Manual Manipulation of the Foot and Related Joints
  7. Cold Laser
  8. Ultrasound
  9. Massage
  10. Interferential Current
  11. Compression Hosiery with Fittings for Medical Grade Socks and Stockings

Custom Foot Orthotics

Dr. Horowitz uses TOG GaitScan™to obtain detailed information about a person’s unique foot biomechanics and to determine if a person requires custom foot Orthotics.

If a patient will benefit from custom foot Orthotics Dr. Horowitz can advise which type of Orthotics will be best suited for you. Orthotics can be made for children as well.

Toronto Orthotics Foot, Leg and Back Pain Clinic

Relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, Leg and Lower Back Pain

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