Dr. Leslie Horowitz


Doctor Leslie Horowitz offers a variety of on-site foot clinic services that are specifically recommended for each person’s unique feet.

Following 7 years of study, Doctor Leslie Horowitz specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the structure and function of the feet, spine, nervous system and other joints. She is a primary health care practitioner and a member in good standing, of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario since 1992, the organization that regulates her scope of practice.

Dr. Horowitz has studied multiple post-graduate continuing education courses related to foot biomechanics, prescribing custom-foot orthotics, 3-D foot casting, using and analyzing TOG GaitScan™ technology  and is a certified fitter for compressions stockings/socks.

Doctor Leslie Horowitz takes the time to listen to each patient, gathering a full medical history. She then conducts a comprehensive biomechanical, postural, neurological and orthopedic examination of the joints in the feet as well as the knees, hips, and spine as needed, to diagnose the underlying cause(s) of symptoms. If needed, she will order radiographs to be taken if they will aid in diagnosis.

Examination results are discussed with each patient, explaining the best treatment options available. Custom foot Orthotic therapy may or may not be recommended and other treatments and/or over the counter products are considered. When necessary, Doctor Leslie Horowitz will refer a patient to another health practitioner.


Dr. Horowitz uses a 3-dimensional mold of both feet to make Custom Orthotics. In addition, TOG GaitScan™ technology is invaluable in revealing the precise biomechanics and pressure patterns that are occurring while a patient walks.

This data is easily missed when simply observing a patient walking or even running on a treadmill and is of great value in choosing how to construct each pair of custom Orthotics (which may be slightly different for each foot for a given patient).

Dr. Horowitz does not take a “one-size fits all” approach at Toronto Orthotics. She offers quality, personalized care to patients to help them find the best custom foot Orthotics possible.

For a clear diagnosis of your foot pain, Call Doctor Leslie Horowitz at Toronto Orthotics Foot Clinic in North Toronto at (647) 349-4909.

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