Bunion Treatment – Naturally!


When bunions develop, it can be frustrating to find pain relief, especially when the big toe deviates onto the second toe (Hallux Valgus).  While there are various forms of bunion treatment, most bunions can be treated conservatively and naturally.

  • Choosing Proper Footwear:

When it comes to bunion treatment, without a doubt, choosing the proper footwear is one of the most important factors in reducing the pain and irritation of bunions. Whenever possible, wearing shoes with wider toe box areas and that are made with softer or flexible materials (like leather) is helpful.

Dr. Horowitz will teach you how to choose the correct footwear for your feet and will provide you with her recommended list of shoes and other resources.

  • Custom-Foot Orthotics for Bunions:

Custom foot orthotics add much-needed relief and comfort. They also help to prevent pain and deformity from progressing.

  • Manual Manipulation

Manipulation and mobilizations of the big toe joints can offer relief when these or other nearby joints are restricted.

  • Padding bunion-treatment-naturallybunion-treatment-naturally

Various splints and pads can be purchased over the counter that can help to minimize the rubbing that takes place on the inner side of the big toe. However, if your toe box area is too tight, this option will only provide minimal or no relief.

Only as a last resort and for severe cases is surgical treatment is indicated. Dr. Horowitz will refer you if you fall into this category.

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