TOG GaitScan™

tog-computerized-Gait-Scan™-technology TOG GaitScan™  is a state-of-the-art 2-Dimensional computerized software program and pressure mat that you walk on which allows Dr. Horowitz to analyze the details of how your feet are functioning. 

 TOG GaitScan™  provides highly detailed information about your walking patterns and whether you require custom-foot orthotics. 

If you have a medical need for custom orthotics, a 3-Dimensional Scan will then be taken of your feet to actually make the custom orthotics that are unique for your feet. 

The benefit of having patients walk across the TOG Gait Scan met is that the software provides detailed and specific measurements about the pressure a patient places on each foot/leg while standing.

Dr. Horowitz has studied multiple advanced courses in diagnosing and fitting patients with custom-made foot Orthotics with The Orthotic Group in Markham Ontario.

With 30 years of experience in making custom orthotics, you are in good hands with Dr. Horowitz.

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